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about Me

I am a customer-service-oriented real estate agent who serves home buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants primarily around the Eastern and North-Eastern parts of Singapore.

Education Background

Nanyang Technological University – 2nd Class (Upper Honours) from School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Singapore Polytechnic – Diploma (Merit) from School of Electrical Engineering

Neuro Linguistic Programming – Practitioner from Worldwide Institutes of NLP

A Passion for Real Estate, and Helping Others

I’ve been passionate about real estate for as long as I can remember. I spend a lot of time viewing homes online, researching home prices and following the property market. It was a hobby which I am now turning into my job. Being of assistance to families buy and sell their largest investments in life is very fulfilling, especially when clients trusted me and refer my service to their friends.

What Makes Me Different from Other Agents

You have many agents to choose from, when buying or selling a home. So why choose me? These are what set me apart from others: 

  • Service: I have been in Sales and Marketing for over 10 years. Being customer service oriented is what makes me different from others. I listen to your needs and proactively provide you with workable solutions!
  • Coaching: Success in real estate starts with education. One has to understand the nuances of the local market, the dynamics of supply and demand, and how these things will affect you as a buyer or seller. If you work with me, I’ll make sure you are well-informed at every step of the buy-sell process, so you can make smart decisions. You deserve nothing less!
  • Contact: You’ll have a lot of questions during your real estate journey. Everyone does. You not only deserve to have all the answers to your questions, but up-to-date information of activities and events leading to the finishing line. We will be in constant interaction and communication. You’ll always be in the know!

Going Above and Beyond for Clients

My background in Electrical Engineering makes me a handyman at home. I fix my own light fixtures, switches and also troubleshoot problematic electrical appliances. By listening and understanding the issues that my landlords and tenants face at home, I can provide suggestions to problem solve that can reduce unnecessary repair costs!

So if you are buying, selling or renting, do call/ message/ whatsapp Nicholas @ +65 8118 4108.

Our greatest satisfaction
is to help you get the best deal!


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