Rental Checklist.

Private Residential (Tenant)

Tenant Quotes
Check original immigration/work or other passes of the tenant for forgery. Keep photocopies of these passes.
Checked 100%
Cross-check particulars on these passes against original passports. In particular, check photographs with the actual person. Keep photocopies of the passports.
Checked 100%
Verify the validity of passes and Print the acknowledgement slips from both websites to confirm that verification checks were conducted.
Checked 100%

Property Ownership

Check if Property is approved for Residential Use

ACRA Registration Number or Unique Entity Number

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp Duty Filing

GST Registration Status

Download Checklist (Renting of Private Property – Tenant)

Anti-Money Laundering / Countering the financing of terrorism

Commission Documents

Commission Documents, Residential Documents

Commission Documents

Commission Documents, Non Residential Documents

Rental Agreement (non-Resi)

Lease Agreements, Non Residential Documents

Agency Agreement (non-Resi)

Agency Agreements, Non Residential Documents

Sale Agreement (non-Resi)

Non Residential Documents, Sale Agreements

Agency Agreement (Resi)

Agency Agreements, Residential Documents


Residential Documents


Non Residential Documents

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